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Payment Services

Printcalc accepts payment via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account.

Payment by PayPal

Credit and subscriptions can be purchased via Your Account

See the Printcalc Terms of Service for additional information

Pricing - Pay As You Go

Free Trial

Registering on Printcalc is free. You will get £1 free credit
1 file coverage views (up to five pages)

File Coverage Processing

The cost to view file coverage results is as follows:

Files with up to 5 pages: £1.00

Files with 5 to 10 pages: £2.00

Files with 10 to 20 pages: £3.00

Files with more than 20 pages: £10.00

Pricing - Subscriptions

Upgrading to a subscription will enable unlimited usage for 3 months (93 days)

Subscription to view Printcalc results - 3 Months - £60.00

Subscriptions will revert to credit payments after expiry date.

API Processing

API access for automated processing is available on request at an annual cost of £1499 + VAT. For more information, please contact us via the live chat/messenger or email support@printcalc.com